My Skills

Experience, Cunning, Prowess, Moxie

Fullstack Web Development

Jack of all trades.

I love being involved in every step of a website's creation: from making sure a database table has its appropriate indexes, to making sure every screen viewport looks great.

What I do:

  • senior front-end and back-end development. Set me loose on a project and it'll be done faster than you can say WYSIWYG
  • lead co-workers to victory by championing the team's coding standards, exploring new technologies and refactoring inefficient code
  • document everything. Bus factor is a real thing
  • gets to the bottom of the business logic to understand the core impact that the application should produce
  • likewise, understand the needs of the end user/customer and provide a top notch experience for them
  • provide appropriate and fair time estimates/quotes, while delivering projects ahead of schedule
  • coordinate with designers, project managers and department heads
  • continue support of all projects after launch and provide upgrades as necessary

Back End Web Development

I've been a PHP programmer for 15 years; professionally for 13.

My first passion of Fullstack begins with Back End development. Whether it's a typical business application, or a super cool video game tool that the community loves, I love creating things and watching them live on!

What I do:

  • senior development of custom PHP web applications, primarily using Laravel
  • regex wizard; I do things like this for fun
  • perfectly create and maintain relational MySQL databases
  • automate everything humanly possible with bash scripts
  • struggle with the concept of organizing my server knowledge in this section or to save it for DevOps

What I've done:

  • "rolled my own" PHP framework. I wouldn't recommend it, but it was an excellent learning experience
  • started programming on a TI-83 Plus (BASIC), then moved onto Perl before settling with PHP

Front End Web Development

I've been messing with HTML and CSS for 17 years.

I started web development because I wanted to make a Text Based MMORPG similar to Alien AA. I liked that game so much I had a tips site dedicated to it. The site died a long time ago, but relics and references still exist to this day.

But a lot has changed since 2001.

What I do:

  • senior development of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5, primarily utilizing jQuery, SASS and Bootstrap
  • full integration of code minification/optimization using Grunt and Gulp
  • create fully responsive applications that work on every device

What I've done:

  • Organized, maintained and written 90% of the CSS and JavaScript for a multi-million dollar property


A healthy dollop of experience.

Most of my DevOps experience has been via the necessity to fill a roll. Two positions in a row, a member leaves and I happily picked up the DevOps pieces.

What I do:

  • manage servers/hosting of business critical operations
  • quickly respond to server related errors, alarms, etc
  • administrate local development Vagrant environments so the whole team is on the same page
  • respond in an agile manner towards all team objectives


To make sure you can find everything I'm capable of, here's a rundown of technologies that I'm awesome at.


Git Version Control GitHub BitBucket GitLab SVN Agile Development Benchmarking Data Modeling

Back End

PHP HHVM Laravel MVC MySQL Redis Memcached CDN RESTful API Data Mining CodeIgniter

Front End

CSS3 SASS JavaScript jQuery MooTools Responsive Bootstrap Web Storage Font Icons Mobile Responsive Emails Markdown Handlebars Grunt Gulp Minification Compression UI UX SEO XML Polyfill Ajax JSON Freemarker XPath


Bash shell Apache NGINX Cloud Hosting Rackspace New Relic Vagrant


eCommerce LAMP Linux Mac Windows Unicode Google Analytics MailChimp